The Old World and America

Book cover: 'The Old World and America'
Rev. Philip Furlong
TAN Books
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The Old World and America is a superb history book that is decidely homeschool-friendly! The book begins briefly with a mention of Genesis, which is unusual in a history text. It is a thorough guide to the history of the world, from the time of primitive man to the mid-1500's. The approach is decidedly Catholic, and reference to Catholic saints are scattered throughout.

We are presently in the early chapters of this text, but the flavour of the book is apparent. Each chapter is amply illustrated with photos, diagrams, and maps (all black and white). Following each chapter is a series of tests, which include oral questions, written questions, discussion questions, word list, questions to make you think, and questions that test your character. What more could a homeschool mother ask for?

The book is reasonably priced. With older children, some supplementary material may be needed to cover various topics in more detail. It is my opinion that this is a wonderful book, and would be an asset to any history program. It would be suitable for a variety of ages (presently, I am using it for Grades 4 to 8).

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