Catholic World Culture

Book cover: 'Catholic World Culture'
Seton Press
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124 pages
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This book is sold as a 7th/8th grade history text, but with the addition of some outline maps and a little imagination it could easily serve as an introduction to world geography.

When I first saw Catholic World Culture it appeared to be a rather dry and boring book, but after reading a few paragraphs I was convinced that it would hold my children's attention and excite them about the Faith and history. My oldest son told me that he found it interesting and inspiring, as well as a great source for trivia with which he could impress his friends (a humble child as you can imagine.)

Each of the 30 chapters in this 124 page full color book focus on a specific country, Catholic personality or event. Some of the topics covered include: "The Artist of Mysteries" (da Vinci/Italy), "God Alone Sufficeth" (St. Teresa of Avila/Spain), "Martyrs and Miracles (The Netherlands), "Conversions in the North" (Scandinavia). The chapters end with "Thinking Over" prompts which lead to several interesting discussions in our family.

We attempted to use this as part of a chronological history program and it just did not work, but as part of a geography or religion program or as a supplement to history it was ideal. Best suited for 8th-12th.

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