Hope's Revolutionary War Diary

Kristiana Gregory
We Are Patriots - My America
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107 pages
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For young readers, this is an extremely well written account of the American Revolution. Written as a diary of a young girl, the book opens with Hope's family living with her relatives in Valley Forge. This quickly changes, however, when her family moves back to Philadelphia.

I like this book because it weaves interesting information about this period of time throughout the story, making it an educational read. Gregory not only portrays the drama and suspense of that period, but also accurately depicts the everyday occurrences and unusual habits in daily life. In the beginning, both Hope's father and brother are gone. When they return, she finds out the hardships they have gone through. Even though this is an educational book, it is easy to read and follows more than one interesting story line. In the beginning, for example, her brother has run away to join the army and no one knows how he is. She is also concerned about her father when he is gone. Will he return home? Then to make matters worse, her best friend is not allowed to talk to her, because her friend's family sympathizes with the other side. The family also has the unpleasant task of feeding and boarding some British soldiers. Will she accidentally reveal her sympathies?

The My America Series is shorter than the Dear Diary series also published by Scholastic.

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