The Sign of the Beaver

Elizabeth George Speare
Random House Listening Library
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Also available in softcover

This is a story about a twelve year old boy named Matt who lived in Maine about 250 years ago. Near the beginning of the story, all of Matt's family (besides Matt) went away. One day he was fishing when a bear took a lot of Matt's food. The next day he was going to try to get a spoon of honey from a bee's hive. The spoon wasn't small enough to fit in the hole; neither was his finger. So he pulled a piece of the bark from above the hole and the bees came out and chased him to a river. So he went into the water and later he felt himself coming up because an Indian pulled him out of the water. The Indian had a grandson named Attean. Attean was about 14 years old. Attean's grandfather wanted Matt to teach Attean how to read. The book they started on was Robinson Crusoe. Matt and Attean became friends and they had lots of adventures.

I like the Sign of the Beaver so much that I'd like to listen to it lots more times.

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2 cassettes, 3 hours 9 min

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