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Focus On The Family Radio Theater - The Chronicles of Narnia (additional review)

Book cover: 'Focus On The Family Radio Theater - The Chronicles of Narnia (additional review)'
C.S. Lewis

Our family has been enjoying the first three audio books in this series very much. At this time, most of the stories have been produced in this audio format. The Silver Chair will be made available this spring (2002) leaving only the Last Battle to be produced. The narrator, Paul Scoffield (A Man for All Seasons [1966] and Hamlet [1991]) is just excellent. While the stories are somewhat abridged, they are remarkably complete for an audio drama.

Focus On The Family Radio Theater - The Chronicles of Narnia

Book cover: 'Focus On The Family Radio Theater - The Chronicles of Narnia'
C.S. Lewis

Focus on the Family has produced an audio version of all of the Narnia books ( Available on CD or audio cassette). The stories are elegantly introduced by Douglas Grisham, stepson of C.S. Lewis. Mr. Grisham draws listeners into the story by recounting his personal experiences with C.S. Lewis ("or 'Jack' as he liked to be called"). Thus far, three books have been reproduced- The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, The Magician's Nephew, and The Horse and His Boy.

Noble Heroine of Charity

This is the story of Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini, the little Italian nun who came as a missionary to help the Italian immigrants, orphans and many others in America. She was the first American citizen to be canonized. This audio drama is very nicely performed with a full cast and narrator, music and sound effects. My daughter especially enjoyed this story since we had recently read Joan Stromberg's, The Orphans Find a Home: A St. Frances Xavier Cabrini Story.

Geography Songs

We love Geography Songs! My girls have been able to memorize quite a bit by these songs and they can easily apply these to maps at a very young age. They love to sing so they are very interested in doing geography.

The Sign of the Beaver

Elizabeth George Speare

Also available in softcover

Cat. Chat: The Catholic Audio Show for Kids Vol. 1

Book cover: 'Cat. Chat: The Catholic Audio Show for Kids Vol. 1'

Vol. 1. Mary leads Me Closer to Jesus.
"Cat. Chat." "Cat. Chat." That is all my children have been singing for the last two days, since they received the two Cat. Chat CDs (short for Catholic chats about God). These CD's combine "faith-filled" stories, lively (contemporary Catholic/Christian) songs and heartfelt prayer, all within the context of family life. These kid-appealing CD's also include the family cat, Moses, who introduces the family, makes comments, and closes each session.

Animals of God - Three Catholic stories for children

Regina Martyrum Productions

This audio cassette tells the stories of three different animals who played roles in the lives of the Saints. They are told from the animals' point of view and are appropriate for small children. Similar to other Regina Martyrum audio dramas, they are performed with a full cast of voices and appropriate music and sound effects. I especially like the first story which helps to explain the Catholic belief about the Eucharist and the story of a miracle and a conversion involving St. Anthony of Padua and a donkey named Joshua.

The Medicine of God

Book cover: 'The Medicine of God'
Bruce Carroll

The Medicine of God is an audio drama (on one cassette) in the style of old-time radio shows - with full cast, music and sound effects. This is the biblical story of Tobit, an upright man who trusted in God and the adventures of his son, Tobias, who was led by a stranger - who turned out to be St. Raphael the Archangel - to a new city and a new life. There is a theme of Divine Providence and the need to trust in God that runs throughout the story.


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