Cat. Chat: The Catholic Audio Show For Kids Vol. 2

Book cover: 'Cat. Chat: The Catholic Audio Show For Kids Vol. 2'
Luminous Media

Vol. 2 Jesus in my Heart
In volume two, the characters include the dad, his two children, and their cousins, Sarah and Jesse. The setting is a camping trip by a lake. As the family with their cousins gathers around the evening campfire, the dad relates stories of what it means to have Jesus in your heart, and how to imitate Jesus even in difficult moments. My only suggestion is that we discuss with our children that as parents we have already invited Jesus into their "hearts" (souls) when they were baptized as infants. But it is always good for children to meditate on what it means to be a good Catholic and consciously invite him into their hearts. The CD also provided a "teaching moment" for my six-year-old daughter who did not understand why the cousins' dad did not love their mother any more. Along with conversation that deepens your children's faith, songs they like to sing and sound effects that catch their attention, the story will lead them to a greater understanding of what the true "ultimate" in life is.

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