Christopher's Talks to Catholic Children

David L. Greenstock
Neumann Press
Sewn Softcover
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378 pages
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What a beautiful book! Do you imagine teaching the catechism to your children through stories and illustrations? This is the book to use. Christopher's Talks to Catholic Children is a book of stories for children from the youngest ages up through elementary school. Written in the first person with a friendly, gentle tone, each story is a beautifully-presented lesson in the whole of the catechism. Even better, the author has included simple line drawings in the stories that he recommends be drawn by the storyteller during the telling of the story and copied by the children to help them remember the lesson.

This edition is actually the two original books bound into one volume. Book 1 contains stories on such topics as God, the Angels, the sin of Adam and Eve, actual grace, the sacraments, baptism, confirmation, the resurrection and the ascension. Book 2 continues with lessons on the other sacraments, the communion of saints, the Holy Souls, the Mass, and each of the commandments, in terms that can be easily understood by children. There is one section after Book 1 titled "For Grown-ups Only" that gives many teaching hints and notes on the lessons for points that may be confusing to children. The section at the end of Book 2 gives specific guidance for the preparation of children for First Penance and First Communion.

I'm delighted to have found this book! It is a wonderful addition to our religion classes and should have a place in every Catholic home. It could be used profitably in homeschools of every description. My only regret is that this book was published in softcover only. It is printed on high-quality, easy-on-the-eyes off-white paper in the style of the books produced by Ignatius Press. I can foresee a lot of wear on the cover when the book is used with several successive children, and I would prefer a hardbound book to keep for the next generation.

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