The New Catholic Quiz: First Grade

Book cover: 'The New Catholic Quiz: First Grade'
Divinity Religious Products
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100 pages
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This book provides 200 questions (50 each in four different categories based on the four sections of the Catechism of the Catholic Church - Beliefs, Sacraments, Morality and Prayer) to help children reinforce basic points of Catholic doctrine. Each page has a question from each category with answers on the back of the page. The color-coding makes for easy reading and checking of answers. My children really enjoyed the sometimes humorous choices for the multiple-choice questions. I thought these made the Quiz more engaging and helped them be more memorable for children. Quiz questions can be answered informally or in a game format where scores are kept. My children enjoyed this quiz book very much.

Sample questions from this book: (page one)
Belief: God created the universe and everything in it. True or false?
When a man and a woman get married they ________.
(a. promise to love each other always, b. promise to drive the same car, c. promise to buy a house together)
Why is life holy?
(a. becaues it is short, b. because God let us do anything we want, c. because God, whog ives life, is holy)
Who leads our prayers at Mass?
(a. the priest, b. the server, c. the lector)

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