The History of the Papacy

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This CD ROM provides a complete and orthodox look at the History of the Papacy in a professional and attractive interactive format. Each of the Popes from St. Peter through Pope John Paul II are presented with a short biography (from one or two paragraphs to one or two pages each - the text is taken from The Popes Through the Ages by Joseph S. Brusher, S.J. - 1959), numerous images (portraits, coins, commemorative stamps, statuary) and the coat of arms. In addition, several video clips each are offered for most of the Popes of the 20th century (most are without audio) and separate audio clips are offered for several 20th century popes as well.

The history presented is very Catholic and very balanced (for example, both St. Pius X and Pope John Paul II are greatly admired and favorably presented). Vatican II is presented as orthodox, but frequently misinterpreted and even abused in its application.

An appendix includes several histories. First - a history of the Crusades. This text is taken from the Catholic Encyclopedia (1908) and includes several traditional images. Second - a history of the Ecumenical Councils with a brief description of each, illustrations of a number of the councils and a video clip from Vatican II. Finally - a listing of the anti-Popes (false claimants to the Papacy).

This is a really nice resource and history supplement. It's nice to have one that is so beautiful and orthodox.

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