The Four Questions Logic Tutorial

Shirreware, a small independent producer of educational software based in northeast Kansas, has two new products available now for High School and College students who are studying logic. Descriptions from their website state:

Our first program, Labyrynth™, presents students of traditional, or Aristotelian, logic with a series of questions and problems to solve through the medium of a three-dimensional, graphical world.

Faith Quest: Deepening Your Knowledge and Faith in the Person of Jesus Christ

Book cover: 'Faith Quest: Deepening Your Knowledge and Faith in the Person of Jesus Christ'
Michelle Willis, M.Ed.

FaithQuest: Deepening Your Knowledge and Faith in the Person of Jesus Christ is a religious education resource for students in grades 7 to 12. It is a multimedia package which includes a Facilitator Resource Guide and two CD-ROMs.

Faith Quest: The Basics

Book cover: 'Faith Quest: The Basics'
Michelle Willis, M.Ed.

Faith Quest, The Basics is an interactive computer program that covers the fundamentals of the Catholic faith. The package includes a CD-Rom and a Facilitator Resource Guide. It has both a Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur.

The Facilitator Guide includes an overview of the materials, Lesson Worksheets, Quizzes, Crossword Puzzles, Unit Practice Test, Unit Test, and Answer Keys.

The History of the Papacy

This CD ROM provides a complete and orthodox look at the History of the Papacy in a professional and attractive interactive format. Each of the Popes from St. Peter through Pope John Paul II are presented with a short biography (from one or two paragraphs to one or two pages each - the text is taken from The Popes Through the Ages by Joseph S. Brusher, S.J. - 1959), numerous images (portraits, coins, commemorative stamps, statuary) and the coat of arms.

Jonah and His Amazing Voyage, Bible Adventure Club

Book cover: 'Jonah and His Amazing Voyage, Bible Adventure Club'
Janis Hansen
Wendy Francisco

Set sail on a stormy sea with Jonah and His Amazing Voyage as your young children learn about Bible stories in this light-hearted set from the Bible Adventure Club series.

Meet the Masters

Years ago, a friend who teaches university-level art classes, told me that the best way for me to teach my children art was to combine how-to instruction with art appreciation. She suggested learning about the life of a particular artist by reading biographies and then learn how to imitate his or her technique. This made perfect sense to me, but I did not feel knowledgeable enough in the subject matter to put together my own curriculum and I did not know of any such art program that could be used in the home.

Power Glide Children's Spanish

Book cover: 'Power Glide Children's Spanish'

Also known as Power Glide Spanish Junior Adventure Course

Typing Tutor 10

Book cover: 'Typing Tutor 10'

CD ROM for Windows 95/98 and Power Macintosh
Used on Windows ME and Windows XP systems for this review

In the era of the personal computer, good typing skills are essential. Children will benefit tremendously from learning to type while they're still in grade school, and Typing Tutor 10 is all you'll need to teach this valuable skill.

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