God In Our House

Joseph A. Breig
1 930 873 581
Neumann Press
Sewn Hardcover
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156 pages

I always look forward to the new books published by Neumann Press, and this book was worth waiting for! God In Our House is a collection of essays that were originally published on a weekly basis in a Catholic magazine named America. Because this feature of the magazine was so popular, the editors published this book, which Neumann Press has now republished.

Beginning with the First Sunday of Advent and concluding with the Last Sunday After Pentecost, each essay is based on a passage from the gospel reading of the day. All Sundays and many Holy Days are included, with the same format: the passage is cited and followed by an approximately two-page essay or story. The author, a father of five, often uses examples from the daily life of a busy family to explain the passage. His style is so appealing! As you progress through the year, you come to know his family almost as well as the teachings of the gospels.

Our family has a custom of re-reading the Sunday gospels on Sunday evenings, and we try to read from a Catholic book as well. With a wide age-span amongst our children, it has been difficult to find a book suitable and enjoyable for all. This book fits our Sunday evenings perfectly. The reading for the week would also be profitable if it were read before Sunday, perhaps as a part of Friday's religion class or Saturday's preparation for Sunday. It only takes a few minutes, but the lessons learned through these enjoyable stories will remain. Buy this book in the hardcover edition! You will enjoy it THAT much as you read it year after year.

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Also available in softcover

ISBN 1-930873-59-X (softcover)

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