First Communion

Book cover: 'First Communion'
Our Lady's Catechists / C.W.L.
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28 pages

Companion to First Confession from Our Lady's Catechists.

In a style very similar to its companion volume, this little book teaches everything that an elementary-school-aged child needs to know to prepare for a holy First Communion. These books may be the first "homeschooling" books ever written on this topic! From page 1: "It should not be forgotten that the ultimate responsibility for the child's spiritual upbringing rests on the parents." Charming full-color illustrations appear throughout the book.

The fourteen lessons describe what Holy Communion is, why we need Holy Communion, and how to prepare to receive Our Lord. In addition, lessons include several Bible stories that provide a gentle apologetic introduction to the Eucharist such as the manna in the desert, miracles performed by Our Lord, and the Last Supper. Prayers for both before and after the reception of Holy Communion are included as well as a "review" question-and-answer page. The lesson titled "On the Day" gives instruction for receiving the Eucharist kneeling and on the tongue, but the general tone of reverence is very applicable for those who receive in the hand. The current one-hour fast rule has been updated in the text from that in practice when originally published.

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