The Reb and the Redcoats

Book cover: 'The Reb and the Redcoats'
Constance Savery
Bethlehem Books
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203 pages
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One of the many books my wife discovered. After she read it aloud to the kids they wanted me to read it to them AGAIN at their nightly story time before bed. Though this novel is written for children I stayed up late to finish it myself after one such session! It takes place in England during the American Revolutionary War. The main character of the book is a captured American 'Rebel'. He is befriended by the children of the country house where he is held prisoner. But by his actions he proves so honorable that he is given freedom to roam the estate and is eventually even hired, during his captivity, to tutor the children in their studies. Everyone in the family begins to love him - but he is bound to escape and complete his mission. I will let YOU stay up late to find out what happens.

I found this book full of living examples of the many virtues that make up an honorable person (honesty, loyalty, integrity, desire to learn, courtesy, etc.) and yet also just plain enjoyable. The style includes glimpses into human nature that make you laugh when you unexpectedly recognize them.

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