Rome Sweet Home

Book cover: 'Rome Sweet Home'
Scott Hahn
Kimberly Hahn

From a young age, Kimberly wanted to be a minister. When her study of the Bible convinced her that the ordination of women as pastors was unbiblical, she deicded that she would do the next best thing and be a pastor's wife. Enter Scott, a fellow student at Grove City College whose plans for the future focussed on preaching and teaching. This book tells the story of their journey from anti-Catholic to Rome Sweet Home. Along the way, we see God working in their lives in events large and small.

Surprised by Truth 3

Book cover: 'Surprised by Truth 3'
Patrick Madrid (ed.)

This third collection in the series features the stories of ten more converts. As with the previous collections, these make great reading for those inquiring into the Catholic faith.

Peter: Keeper of the Keys

Cover: 'Peter: Keeper of the Keys'
Steve Ray

This is a fascinating travel/apologetics documentary focusing on the story of Saint Peter as related in the New Testament. Apologist Steve Ray travels to Rome and many sites in the Holy Land to tell Peter's story. He provides fascinating details of the connections between particular places and important events in Peter's life.

Common Ground

This DVD presents an engaging dialogue (Question and Answer format) between a Catholic priest and a Protestant minister. Produced by a Protestant Church, it primarily consists of common Protestant Questions/Objections about the Catholic Faith that are answered by the priest.

The One-Minute Apologist

Dave Armstrong

The clever, user-friendly layout of this book makes it very practical! In the introduction, author Dave Armstrong explains that he hopes to empower Catholics to be able to defend their faith with the aid of this book: I believe the book is capable of doing just that!

Saints of Asia

Vincent J. O'Malley, C.M.

How many Asian saints can you name? Saint Andrew Kim? Saint Paul Miki? Not bad.

We don't tend to learn much about Asian history today, much less about Catholic history in Asia. Did you know that the Catholic faith survived in India from the time of St. Thomas the Apostle? A number of saints in this collection were descended from families who were catechized by St. Thomas!

Guerilla Apologetics for Catholics

Book cover
Paul E. Nowak

Here are two great resources for Catholic bookshelves everywhere. Written by a homeschooling dad named Paul E. Nowak, Guerilla Apologetics for Catholics and Guerilla Apologetics for Life Issues are wonderful resources for educated debates on Catholicism and pro-life concerns.

I first heard about these books because my brother, Paul A. Nowak, did the cartoons in the Life Issues book. So, I do have a bit of bias on these books. But I really like the clean, direct apologetics contained in both of these slim volumes.

The Mystery of Harry Potter

Nancy Carpentier Brown

Nancy C. Brown's The Mystery of Harry Potter, a Catholic Family Guide is a book I've been waiting for. Weary of defending the fact that I've allowed Harry into our home, I longed for some good Catholic mom to write down all the reasons why Harry can be perfectly compatible with a faithful, orthodox Catholic family.

The First Whole Book of Diagrams

Mary Daly

I was not taught to diagram sentences as part of my education, so I first viewed such diagrams as a curiosity; however, I have gradually come to appreciate their value as a tool for helping my children understand how the works and ideas in a sentence are related. I have, for example, diagrammed Latin sentences for them to help them understand the structure and grammar of that language.

Creator and Creation (third edition)

Book cover
Mary O. Daly

This readable volume is a great resource on issues of creation and evolution in light of Church teaching. I really appreciated the depth that Mrs. Daly brings to this topic in viewing it from many angles, all the while using our God-given reason in the light of His revealed Truth as evidenced in scripture, the Catechism, and other Church documents. She manages to avoid both of the usual extremes of biblical literalism and scientific absolutism (evolutionism).

This quote from the book explains its value very well:


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