Bible Stories

The Story of Job

Regina Doman
Ben Hatke

Ben Hatke's illustrations are the icing on the cake of this wonderful little book. Job is famous for his biblical faithfulness over the most unfortunate circumstances. It is a tremendous story for us in our day, and Regina Doman brings it to life for children--and for adults as well! What a tool of hope in the dark days we live in. The final illustration of the happiness of the couple around their pregnancy and children should be made into life-affirming posters everywhere!

The Prince of Egypt

Book cover: 'The Prince of Egypt'

Three Other Reasons to See Prince of Egypt: racially truthful, stealthily pro-life, realistic portrayal of sin
I admit, our family went to see The Prince of Egypt because of William Donahoe's recommendation. The Catholic League plugged the newly-released animated picture on the story of Moses in its newsletter as well as in an Internet message. So we joined my family at Christmas in a rare trip to the theater, along with my dad (who was going to see it because Chuck Colson had recommended it).

The Children's Book of Faith

Book cover: 'The Children's Book of Faith'
William Bennett

This newest edition presents some colorfully illustrated tales of a more religious nature. Passages from the Bible include "the Story of Daniel and the Lion's Den", "the Healing of a Paralytic", "the Call of Samuel", "the Little Lost Lamb", the 23rd Psalm, and "Miriam and the Floating Basket." Other stories involve St. Christopher. St. Martin of Tours and St. Augustine's famous "Walk by the Sea" where a little boy (believed to be Jesus or an Angel) had a conversation with him about the mysteries of God.

Tomie de Paola's Book of Bible Stories

Book cover: 'Tomie de Paola's Book of Bible Stories'

Tomie de Paola is a unique illustrator with artwork in a woodcut or icon-like style (I can't decide which.) I thought his artwork was more suited to The Lady of Guadalupe but I like the content of his Bible stories and appreciate the "Index of Bible Text" in the back. This would be a suitable book for acquainting preschoolers with the major stories of the Bible.

Strengthened by God/The Great Deluge

Book cover: 'Strengthened by God/The Great Deluge'
Bruce Carroll
Kim Hohman

Strengthened by God is the story of David and Goliath and The Great Deluge is the story of Noah's Ark. Like the other RMP tapes, these are "audio dramas" - dramatic presentations of the stories with full casts, sound effects and music. They really make the Bible stories come alive. The Great Deluge is probably a bit too graphic for small children (the narrator makes mention of people seeing dead bodies in the rivers and the sound effects includes crying and wailing noises).

The Medicine of God

Book cover: 'The Medicine of God'
Bruce Carroll

The Medicine of God is an audio drama (on one cassette) in the style of old-time radio shows - with full cast, music and sound effects. This is the biblical story of Tobit, an upright man who trusted in God and the adventures of his son, Tobias, who was led by a stranger - who turned out to be St. Raphael the Archangel - to a new city and a new life. There is a theme of Divine Providence and the need to trust in God that runs throughout the story.

Jonah and His Amazing Voyage, Bible Adventure Club

Book cover: 'Jonah and His Amazing Voyage, Bible Adventure Club'
Janis Hansen
Wendy Francisco

Set sail on a stormy sea with Jonah and His Amazing Voyage as your young children learn about Bible stories in this light-hearted set from the Bible Adventure Club series.

God's Will Be Done/The Wall

Book cover: 'God's Will Be Done/The Wall'
Kim Hohman
Bruce Carroll

God's Will Be Done is the story of Jonah and the Whale and The Wall is the story of the Fall of Jericho. Both Bible stories are presented as audio dramas, performed with full casts, music and sound effects. The shorter length and simpler dialogue of these in particular make them especially appealing to younger children.

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