Catholic Links

Living the Faith
Aleteia Catholic spirituality, culture and news from around the world.
Living Differently: A Catholic Parent's Guide to Changing the World
The Word on Fire Bishop Robert Barron's excellent site, particularly known for great articles, movie reviews and cultural commentary.

Catholic Documents and other Primary Sources
The Catechism of the Catholic Church Complete text available online. Includes Catechism of the Catholic Church search engine.
Dies Domine Pope John Paul IIs recent letter on keeping Holy the Lord's Day.
The Church Fathers
Vatican Information Service Official News Service of the Holy See Press Office

Catholic Resource Sites
Adoremus Society for the Renewal of the Sacred Liturgy
A Catholic Educator's Resource Center A very valuable source of information with solid articles, essays and book reviews on a variety of important topics include evolution, birth control, the over-population myth, etc.
Catholic Information Network Excellent resource on our Catholic faith - encyclicals and other writings and talks from the Holy Father, articles, message boards, etc.
Catholic Liturgical LibraryArticles, book reviews, church documents, and other information relating to the liturgy.
EWTN Eternal Word Television Network - You can watch online if you don't have cable.
New Advent Catholic Website Great Catholic resources (particularly primary sources) including the Catholic Encyclopedia of 1913 and the Catechism of the Catholic Church

Devotional and Inspirational Sites
Apostleship of Prayer The Holy Father's special intentions listed for each month (Have you ever wondered about the phrase "for the intentions of Our Holy Father for this month" in the morning offering? You can sign up for a free monthly e-mail with this information or refer back to the website on occasion.
Biographies of Popes From the Catholic Encyclopedia.
In Eternal Memory of Angela Baird The very beautiful and touching story of a 19 year old college student (former homeschooler) who was very active in the pro-Life movement and in her faith.
Shroud of Turin Scientific information and history concerning the burial cloth of Christ.