Garden of Virtues: Planting Seeds of Goodness

Book cover: 'Garden of Virtues: Planting Seeds of Goodness'
C. Keffler
R. Donnelli
Thomas More Publishing
Number of pages: 
208 pages

This is a friendly and lovely little book on practicing the virtues in the midst of family life. Although it is clear that at least one of the authors is Catholic, the book is written on a very practical level and in such a way that it would be appealing to any family attempting to live a peaceful and virtuous life (particularly in the midst of raising children).

The book is intended to be used by the family as a whole, perhaps sharing a new chapter at the dinner table each week. Each chapter (three to four pages long) covers one virtue. A simple definition of the virtue is given, along with ideas for fostering the virtue, avoiding its opposite and a good, related family rule to apply. The chapters include simple ideas and stories which illustrate the importance of the virtue and its true meaning. There are fifty-two virtues in all - one for each week of the year. Virtues covered range from Audacity (they even quote St. Thomas Aquinas in defense of considering audacity a virtue - very impressive!) to Wisdom and other important virtues (listed alphabetically) in between.

The book is very charming, with full-color garden-themed illustrations on every page (in a style reminiscent of Mary Engelbreit). This is a nice supplement to the more theology-oriented studies of virtue to remind children (and their parents) about the basics of living a moral life.

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