Dinner's in the Freezer: More Mary, Less Martha

Jill Bond

Jill Bond is a big name in Christian Homeschooling circles. Her success in homeschooling her own children and at the same time being active in her community and among homeschoolers at large owes a great deal to the ideas which she outlines in this book. The book, subtitled A Home Management System, is primarily about a concept called "mega-cooking", i.e. cooking in larger quantities and freezing portions for later use. There are many advantages to this, especially in the areas of saving time (it doesn't take much longer to cook a double or triple batch) and money (take advantage of bulk pricing and be less dependent on convenience foods). I also like a lot of the underlying philosophy and appreciate the encouraging words and Mrs. Bond's poignant reminders of the dignity and importance of motherhood. To a certain extent, however, we found the recipes incompatible with our family's likings (for example, we don't use Velveeta).

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