For the Children's Sake

Foundations of Education for Home and School
Book cover: 'For the Children's Sake: Foundations of Education for Home and School'
Susan Schaeffer McCauley
Crossway Books
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165 pages

The information in this book is mostly gleaned from the writings of Charlotte Mason, a 19th century educator who has had a great deal of influence on the homeschooling movement of the late 20th century.

This book will help you look at your child's educational needs and potentials outside the realm of the "school system." The ideas and suggestions are fresh and creative (and especially helpful for the early years). I especially like her focus on introducing children to great art, great music and great literature. After reading her book, I put on a Mozart CD especially for my three year old daughter to listen to - and was delighted to discover that she loved it! A trip we made to an art museum became a treat for her and much more enjoyable for my husband and I because of some other ideas we tried from the book.

Her description of "twaddle" (books and materials that are inferior, "cheezy", - especially many books "written down" to a child's level. etc.) and why to avoid it is so refreshing. Some of these ideas could well be applied to Catholic books - which should not only be Catholic in content, but intelligent and beautiful in presentation. We live in a culture that encourages us to fill our lives with loads and loads of cheap clutter that's usually made in China. I'm trying to buy things more carefully. When choosing new materials for school or even toys for Christmas I'm trying to find things that are beautiful and lasting. This also forces me to buy fewer things because the quality can be more expensive. I believe this is better for my children and my sanity!

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