The Core Knowledge Series

E.D. Hirsch

Titles in this series include What Your Kindergartner Should Know, What Your First Grader Should Know, etc. The series is written for parents of children in traditional schools to get an idea of how the schools are doing and to assist the parents in supplementing their child's education at home. The series amounts to an extensive "Scope and Sequence" which outlines the fundamental skills and concepts which should be understood in each grade and includes supplementary exercises, poems, stories and recommended resources to assist in fulfilling the stated goals. I know quite a few Catholic homeschoolers (particularly those who are "putting together their own program") who have found this series very helpful. It can also be a good choice for those who are temporarily homeschooling under circumstances that don't allow for a large quantity of books (such as those homeschooling away from home for various reasons). For others, it might be "one more thing" to make their lives more complicated. Please keep in mind that, although the perspective is in many ways positive (especially in comparison to the public school system) the series is still secular and contains some material which should be taken with a grain of salt.

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