A Child's Book of Prayer in Art

Book cover: 'A Child's Book of Prayer in Art'
Sister Wendy Beckett
Dorling Kindersley
Sewn Hardcover
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31 pages
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This book is designed to help your child discover the lessons present in many fine works of art. The inside cover explains "In this, her first book for children, Sister Wendy has selected paintings that can speak to children, illustrating the important values of life, such as love, respect and forgiveness. She helps children to look and listen, gaining insight into art while developing a greater understanding of their own spirituality." For an art book published by a secular company the material is fairly religious and includes such paintings as French Peasant Girls Praying, The Martyrdom of Saint Clement, Christ Discovered in the Temple, The Kiss of Judas, and The Calling of Saint Matthew. The art selections are great - very classic - and the text is very simple. An interesting side point that homeschoolers will enjoy is that there is a painting called The Young Schoolmistress. In her description, Sister Wendy mentions, "Perhaps she is his big sister and he is being taught on his own at home. It is not only in the classroom, or from qualified teachers, that we learn about the world."

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