How Many Animals?/Quot Animalia?

Book cover: 'How Many Animals?/Quot Animalia?: An I Am Reading Latin Book'
Marie Carducci Bolchazy
Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers
I Am Reading Latin
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60 pages
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What a great idea - simple Latin readers to introduce young children to the language. Big pictures are paired with large, clear print, just like an English easy-reader. This first book in the series is a simple picture book with very nicely drawn, realistic pen and ink illustrations. The format allows readers to intuitively figure out what some basic words mean by connecting them with the pictures. The text introduces 13 types of animals, offering each Latin word in the singular and plural. The reader is also exposed to the Roman numerals from I-XII, and C as well as the Latin names for the same numbers. Just the last few pages introduce a few more words, including some relevant adjectives. The book wraps up with a complete translation, glossary and notes in the back.

This is a really nice beginning book for young children - particularly those whose older siblings are studying the language. Highly recommended!

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