English from the Roots Up

Book cover: 'English from the Roots Up'
Joegil Lundquist
Literacy Unlimited
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100 pages

This is a really neat and fairly simple program designed to introduce children to 100 Greek and Latin words that are common roots of English words. Along with background information, Greek and Latin pronunciation guides, and other teaching tips are 100 pages containing one Greek or Latin Root word, a list of English derivatives (with definitions and other root words), teaching notes and extra derivative words.

For example, the fourth word taught is the Greek word metron, meaning "measure". Derivative words (i.e. English words that take their meaning from metron) listed are - meter, geometry, optometry, symmetry, barometer, thermometer, diameter, centimeter, and anemometer. Each of these derivatives lists other root words (such as geo - meaning "earth" - which is another Greek root from which the word "geometry" is derived) and literal definitions of each word follows. The teaching notes give details about some of the different meanings of the word "meter" and how other Greek roots contained in the dervatives (geo, syn, and thermos) will be covered on their own pages as well. The "extra words" segment covers the derivative "metronome", its other greek root (nomos) and the definition

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Pages: 100 + appendix

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