Word Power Through Spelling: Catholic Edition

Book cover: 'Word Power Through Spelling: Catholic Edition'
Neumann Press
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96 pages

First Lesson Word List: a, big, dog, is, my
Final Lesson Word List: way, glad, happy, how, ten, stand, very, name, walked, train
Weekly lessons introduce a new word list (the number of words in the list increase as the book progresses) and gives practice writing and recognizing the words in the context of sentences and to describe illustrations. Some handwriting practice is included (including a page with directions for printing, and later in the text one for writing cursive letters). The text works a bit on the meaning of words but doesn't get into phonetic rules. A special format for keeping track of and practicing problem words allows the student to additional review throughout the text for problem areas. There are some instructions to the teacher at the beginning of the book which outline "how to study a missed word" and how the lesson plan is supposed to work. Directions to the students are intermixed with the text, but I found it difficult in a few places to determine what was to be done.

The text reminds me of the Rod and Staff workbooks, but with some Catholic content.

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