Sound Beginnings

Julia Fogassy
Our Father's House
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Sound Beginnings is a reading, spelling, handwriting, phonics and listening program. We have been using it for many months and it's amazing how much our Kyle has learned. It is an intensive program and it works. No color pictures or flashy pages. The program includes step-by-step dialogue and well organized daily lesson plans. There is a 2000 word spelling list with spelling markings and Catholic vocabulary.

The program includes everything you will need including a 500+ page Bible reader, audio tape, flash cards, notebook, parent manual, handwriting paper, worksheets, and a pencil and gripper. Most of the program is non-consumable and could be used with any other children you may have. The lady who developed this modeled it (with her improvements) off of the Spalding method (i.e. Writing Road to Reading). She is a Catholic homeschooling mom with a Montessori background.

Note: The author of this program has used a Protestant Bible because the only Catholic one available that was designed for phonetic readers had just as many (if not more) theological errors as the Protestant one. The introduction to this program provides information on which passages should be corrected.

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