Cursive Connections: A Traditional Style

Kathy Libby
KEL Publications
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80 pages
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Cursive Connections is a very simple and straightforward program for beginning cursive writing. The author considers the text appropriate for a mature 2nd grader or a 3rd grader. Permission is given for photocopying the materials for use within your own family.

The text is strictly black and white with no distracting illustrations. (These details are a matter of personal preference - I prefer this simpler style and others would rather have more colorful texts.) This text would be easy to use in a homeschooling situation because of the introductory information is rather complete: "the purpose of these materials", "who uses these materials", "practice methods", "expectations of the child", "correct paper position", etc. Different sorts of cursive strokes are explained as well as several examples of poorly done letters alongside "better" and "best" examples.

Individual cursive letters are given quite a bit of practice space on their own, and then practiced alongside other individual letters (particularly those which are more difficult to connect). As more and more letters are introduced, the practice begins to include short words and some phrases. After all of the lower-case cursive letters are introduced, the text moves along to Upper Case. "When should a capital letter connect to the next letter?" and when it should be left alone is also clearly explained.

This is in no way a "religious" text. However, the words God, and many Christian names (such as Xavier) are included in the word practice pages. Also, there is absolutely no offensive or "politically correct" content.

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