Language of God for Little Folks (Level C)

Book cover: 'Language of God for Little Folks (Level C)'
Nancy Nicholson
Catholic Heritage Curricula
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143 pages
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Language of GOD for Little Folks - Level C, is Catholic Heritage Curricula’s grammar program designed for the third or fourth grader. It is a complete program in a spiral bound workbook and does not require any additional text or teacher’s manual. The program focuses on gradually building language skills. These skills are very naturally presented within the context of the Catholic faith. Topics covered are sentence parts, nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, pronouns, commas, apostrophes, tense, and subject- verb agreement. These topics are all covered in a slightly more challenging manner than in the previous levels.

We have been using CHC’s Language of God program for two years. It presents the information in a regular and comprehensive manner without being needlessly repetitive. Each topic is introduced and the child has the opportunity to practice the necessary skills with reviews included every few lessons. We normally supplement the exercises by discussing the concepts as they apply to our literature and writing assignments. The program is designed to be easy on the teacher and easy on the student without sacrificing quality (speaking plainly, it is easy for me to call out, “Start your grammar.” while attempting to redirect a mischievous toddler and my eight year old begins the lesson joyfully). Furthermore, it teaches grammar while focusing on the ultimate goal of salvation. In the very first lesson it is necessary to read through and discuss several passages from the Gospel. This is a very balanced program for the Catholic home schooler.

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