The Joy of Mathematics

Book cover: 'The Joy of Mathematics'
Theoni Pappas
Wide World Publishing
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240 pages
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This book is very good at what it does. However, you have to read the introduction to find out what it does. It is NOT a math textbook. And it is NOT a math program. You'd have to be a real geek to read it cover to cover. This is full of 1 (sometimes 2) page math things of all sorts. Little vignettes into the world of math. As such it introduces the reader to a number of things that he might not otherwise encounter. In fact, I am an engineer (lots'o'math) and I saw new and interesting things in here! Some of these are little games (answers in the back). Some are just fun to look at and ponder (many geometric things are this way). Some include little histories of a problem or mathematician.

What this book will probably do at some point is lead you to investigate some of these math ideas more deeply elsewhere. This is good! It sparks a good kind of excitement and wonder about math that everyone should be happy to experience now and then. Therefore, adult readers and capable children (decent readers but not necessarily good or enthusiastic about math) should both enjoy picking up this book a few times a week. For this reason this would be an excellent bathroom book.

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