The Adoremus Hymnal

Book cover: 'The Adoremus Hymnal'
Ignatius Press
Sewn Hardcover
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329 pages

This is a beautiful hymnal with all the favorite traditional Catholic hymns and the parts and prayers of the Mass in English and Latin. It avoids any use of "feminized" (a.k.a. inclusive) language, which has destroyed so many of the Church's beautiful hymns and even tried to remove the use of "he" or "him" when referring to Jesus. Our family has taken to pulling out this hymnal every morning after prayers and each person picking out their favorite song to sing together before beginning the school day. My six year old daughter who is just reading likes to scan through the index in back to look for something familiar. She is unwittingly introducing herself to the concept of "alphabetical order" and getting a little reading practice as well. The choir edition (424 pages) contains all four parts for those who wish to learn the harmonies and the chant parts of the Mass are in the traditional chant notation.I think this is an excellent resource for the Catholic homeschooler's music curriculum. Included are traditional Christmas Carols (such as Hark the Herald Angels Sing), favorite Marian Hymns (such as Salve Regina and Hail Holy Queen), hymns for every liturgical season and special feasts. Many hymns are offered in both English and Latin (such as O Come All Ye Faithful). The multiple indices in back are also helpful for finding particular songs and you'll even find an "Index of Scriptural References Related to Hymns."

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Ignatius Press also offers at set of four CDs covering all of the songs in the Adoremus Hymnal. This isn't a "great" recording intended for pleasurable listening - but it's a great way to help teach your children some of the great treasures of the Church even if you're not very musical or aren't familiar with the hymns.

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