Nine-Note Recorder Method: Easy Duets for Beginners

Book cover: 'Nine-Note Recorder Method: Easy Duets for Beginners'
Penny Gardner
Penny Gardner
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87 pages
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Whether you are an accomplished musician or a complete novice, this simple, inexpensive book will have you playing beautiful music in less than an hour. (I have children in both categories, and have been unable to pick up the book to review it for almost three months since it's been in constant use!) By learning the nine easiest notes to play, and then playing music in parts, learners at all levels are immediately successful.

The book begins with an explanation of how to read music (notes, rhythm, etc.), and directs those to whom those concepts are new to Penny Gardner's website for more information. Correct recorder technique is then covered. By page 4, you are playing music, by page 5 you are working on a duet! Over 70 arrangements include folk songs (Shoo Fly, Michael Row Your Boat Ashore) and Christmas Songs (O Come All Ye Faithful, Ding-Dong Merrily on High), as well as classic melodies by Mozart and Bach and popular fiddle tunes such as The Irish Washerwoman and Old Joe Clark. The variety lends itself to lessons and/or performances. Several of the pieces include a third part for use by a trio.

In her introduction, Penny Gardner reminds us that a recorder often proves to be a springboard to further music study. Armed with the knowledge in this one book, your child(ren) will have a great start in both music theory and technique.

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