Getting Started with Spanish

Beginning Spanish for Homeschoolers and Self-Taught Students of Any Age
William E. Linney and Antonio Luis
979 505 135
Armfield Academic Press
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This is very much the same method used in the author's other language book entitled Getting Started with Latin, which I also reviewed at Amazon reviews are consistently positive and this reviewer agrees. Lessons are presented at times in tiny digestible pieces, and build from there.

Since my native language is very close to Spanish, it was so interesting to me to see how Lesson One was all about articles-- so important in Romance languages: all four lines and five examples. Job done. Lesson Two talks about gender, another crucial bit in learning Spanish, and lesson Three finally introduces the first word: el. Lesson Four introduces one noun--Nino--and by lesson 10 you will be actually translating 10 lines, if mostly one-word lines.

Exercises are simple lines for the user to translate. Answers included.

This simple method, presented in an uncluttered, handsome large-format paperback, will serve Spanish students of any age. Their website at offers Mp3 sound bites by the co-author.

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