First Start French

Student Edition
First Start French from Memoria Press
Danielle L. Schultz
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Memoria Press
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128 pages
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I learned to speak French YEARS ago. I was blessed to go to a bi-lingual Catholic grammar school where French was a large part of the day. I didn't take French in high school, college or graduate school; that said, I still remember songs and rhymes and simple vocabulary learned many years ago.

First Start French is a wonderful, gentle start to teaching and learning this lovely language. The author, Danielle Schultz, wrote the 36 lessons for her daughter when she couldn't find a suitable language program. This one has all the aspects -- in a broad-brushstroke way -- necessary for gently introducing French to anyone grade 3-6 or so. Each lesson includes a quote (perfect for copywork practice), 10-15 vocabulary words, grammar, dialogue and exercises. The exercises in the student book include a translation from English to French, grammar practice (conjugations and form changes), and other activities that reinforce the lessons-to-date.

There is a CD available that includes pronunciation of the words in each lesson as well as six French songs (I still remember these songs from grammar school). A teacher's manual completes the set. Memoria Press sells the pieces bundled together or individually (which is nice if you have more than one student and therefore need more than one workbook).

At the end of this first book, the author includes the French versions of the Sign of the Cross, Glory Be, Our Father and Hail Mary. I really like that!

My plan is to introduce French to my rising 6th grader this next Fall using this program and supplementing with simple French picture books, movies with the language choice set to French, and on-line help. I don't expect him to know French by the end of the year, but by doing a lesson each week, he should have a start on appreciating both French and the need to understand English grammar.

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The teacher book has very well-written supplementary notes for teaching each lesson.

There is a Level 2 set now available.

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