Excellence in Literature: British Literature

Reading and Writing through the Classics
Janice Campbell
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Institute for Excellence in Writing
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142 pages
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As I stated in my review of the American Lit 11th grade volume, I am very impressed with this new publication by the Institute for Excellence in Writing. This one focuses on British Literature and it is recommended for 12th grade. I am afraid my review of this volume must be rather a repeat of the 11h grade American Lit volume as so much is the same: the number of units, the format, and of course the author, Janice Campbell. So again I say this is a user-friendly, comprehensive and resourceful British Literature Course. Visit to their website for info and sample pages.

The text consists of nine units, all centered around one main work of British Literature. Each unit is separated into four weekly writing assignments: an author's profile paper, a historical approach paper and two weeks of guided work on a paper about the work of literature itself. Among others, texts students will work on include Beowulf, King Lear, Paradise Lost, Great Expectations and Wuthering Heights. There is plenty of extra work offered for an Honors track student.

A section entitled Literary Context offers an introduction to the work of literature and some thoughs on it. Under Context Resources one will find a myriad of interesting online resources which will bring the material to life: text sites, literary context and related authors' materials, and sites with information on the author. Online resources offered include audio, video, music and historical context websites all related to each unit's work of literature.

The forms and formats appendices are extremely useful: models are very well demonstrated and student sample work is shown. Also in the appendices one will find rubrics and evaluation forms. There is a glossary as well.

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