Herodotus and the Road to History

Jeanne Bendick
Bethlehem Books
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80 pages
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This is a brief, engaging and heavily illustrated biography of the world's first historian. Herodotus lived in the Greek city of Halicarnassus in the Persian empire during the 5th century BC. His situation and personality put him an ideal place to tell the fascinating stories of the Persian Wars (think Marathon, Thermopylae and Salamis) and to travel extensively and collect stories from all over. His original writings are a fascinating read for upper high school or college.

This is unique in that it shares the basic history of his own life, told in first person narrative. It gives a fascinating glimpse into the world he lived in as well as touching upon major events and characters that he wrote about.

It's the perfect companion to a children's edition of the stories of Herodotus. Our family read it immediately after finishing Stories from Herodotus by Glanville Downey (which is sadly out of print, but may be available from your local library), which made it even more relevant and interesting.

Suitable for independent reading ages 10 and up, or for a read aloud to younger children.

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