The Fathers of the Church, expanded edition

An Introduction to the first Christian teachers
Mike Aquilina
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288 pages
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This past year my Lit class in our Tutoring Center read the biography of Saint Athanasius. We were all equally amazed at the tempestuous life of the important Church father: I confess I had never read a Church Father biography until then. As the importance and relevance of reading the early Fathers became evident, I read Mike Aquilina's "The Fathers of the Church" very happily to prepare for this review.

What amazing lives they led! Diverse, and in a great array of geographical locations, and under great danger so many times! Most fascinating is to see how teachings of the Catholic Church were first discussed, explained, described and defined. Mike Aquilina succeeds in telling all of this to a lay audience in simple and engaging language, very often quoting from the fathers directly!

The book has a very compelling preface and introduction persuading the reader of the importance of getting acquainted with the Church Fathers. The introduction also gives an overview of the early fathers and how they may be sub-divided. Chapters are thus divided into Apostolic Fathers, Ante-Nicene Fathers, Nicene-era Fathers, post-Nicene era Fathers and even the "Mothers", a chapter on the writing of early spiritual women. An appendix with resources for further study, a timeline and a general index complete this most useful and fascinating volume.

Because of its accessible language I would venture to say this book would be very appropriate for a homeschooled High Student! Either studied alone or in a book study group, Mike Aquilina's "The Fathers of the Church Expanded Edition" will surely instruct and illuminate!

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