Making Music Praying Twice

John and Katherine Daneluk
Cover Art by Shelly Dieterichs
Virginia Kearns, Margaret Kearns, Katherine Daneluk and several talented kids
Making Music Praying Twice, Inc.
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Making Music Praying Twice is a music and movement program for the young Catholic child. There are a variety of ways the parent can use the program. It can be used with your own children or with other families in a homeschool co-op or a group class for the parish. Because the program is highly adaptable, the age range is quite wide. The class could be for newborns through age 5, or toddler through second grade.

If you are familiar with the song books from days gone by like the Catholic series, We Sing and... or secular series from the same time period, this series is similar to them in that the “Children’s Songbook” includes a number of young children’s songs written as simple melodies along with the words.

The parent manual is loaded with creative ways to implement the program. Along with each song are suggestions on how to use the song, such as “play a simple beat with hands or sticks and sing the song” for Little Drummer Boy. Each song also includes "Milestones to Observe" and "Cross References". Some songs in the parent manual include guitar chords as well. This program encourages the children to actively participate with their whole bodies; either playing instruments, dancing, or using egg shakers. The back of the book includes other helpful information: glossary, suggested listening, further reading, and more.

For the parent who is not confident in sharing music with her own children, she can first listen to the CDs. The voices are pleasant to listen to, the melodies are not too complicated. To add interest, the background accompaniment varies from track to track.

A sampling of the songs include Ave Maria, Billy Boy, Did you Ever See a Lassie, Michael Row the Boat Ashore, Father I Adore You, Clementine, and many more.

If you have wanted to include music in your homeschool program for your younger children, but have been reluctant because of lack of resources or knowledge, this is an easy-to-use program that is highly adaptable to your needs.

The complete package includes five CDs, five Children’s Songbooks, and a teacher’s manual. The Children’s Songbooks include Ordinary Time—Fall, Ordinary Time—Winter, Advent-Christmas- Epiphany, Lent, and Easter—Pentecost. Items may be purchased separately.

For more information, please visit their website.

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