The Lark on the Wing

Elfrida Vipont
T. R. Freeman
Bethlehem Books
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Set during the late 1940’s, The Lark on the Wing is the story of a young woman on the brink of a new career. Seventeen-year-old Kit desires with all her heart to sing professionally, but one obstacle after another pops up in her way. Will she be able to overcome all these obstacles to fulfill her life’s dream?

The Lark on the Wing captures the doubts, the excitement, and the energy of young people on the brink of adulthood with a world of myriad choices before them, including young love. The plot is fast-paced, effortlessly moving from one scene to the next.

With a variety of personalities, it is also a story about relationships. Using the popular idiomatic language of the 1940's, we travel back into time as the characters express their thoughts, emotions, and favorite pastimes.

The Lark on the Wing also presents a realistic picture of love, with all the emotional ups and downs, without the modern day garbage. In other words, people have real relationships. Sometimes they work out. Sometimes they don’t. People don’t always say or do the right thing at the right time. As Kit grows and matures, she must decide what a serious relationship involves.

With all the intense emotions swirling about, it is also a story about virtue, building up patience, kindness, and forbearance. How will Kit react to those around her, the person who goads her to do something she shouldn’t do or thwarts her plans or good intentions through power or money?

The Lark on the Wing also provides an interesting peek into Quaker life during the 1940’s, presenting them as an active, vibrant, socially conscious group, breaking the stereotype of a quiet and serious people. Along the way, we meet some unusual characters.

Since Kit is studying music, for the reader seriously interested in music, there is a lot of wisdom to be learned. Even though she is learning about voice, much of her teacher’s advice could apply to other instruments. For the person who thinks singing is merely picking up a piece of music, the author clarifies the importance of training.

For the young person, trying to make sense out of life, Kit offers a realistic picture of a young woman who is faced with numerous obstacles, yet perseveres in her life’s dream.

A lovely young girl with sweetness and charm, searching to find her own way, Kit learns to ignore the voices of discouragement and laziness and forge her own path among the confusing voices. Will her perseverance pay off? Will she finally achieve her life's dreams?

Immensely enjoyable, The Lark on the Wing is highly recommended!

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The Lark on the Wing is a sequel to The Lark in the Morn.

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