Peter: Keeper of the Keys

Cover: 'Peter: Keeper of the Keys'
Steve Ray
Ignatius Press
The Footprints of God
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This is a fascinating travel/apologetics documentary focusing on the story of Saint Peter as related in the New Testament. Apologist Steve Ray travels to Rome and many sites in the Holy Land to tell Peter's story. He provides fascinating details of the connections between particular places and important events in Peter's life.

This would make a great supplement to a Bible study, an apologetics lesson on the Papacy, a geography unit on the Middle East or simply an important part of Church history. Our teen discussion group watched this together just after reading the chapter in Pope Benedict's Jesus of Nazareth on Peter's Confession and the story of the Transfiguration. The DVD tied into these themes very nicely.

We very much enjoyed the professional quality of this video that is packed with theological and geographical insights, connections with Old Testament History and a nice visual perspective to well-known Bible stories. The format is engaging and the visuals help make the particulars of the story quite memorable.

I would suggest that this is best for high school and adult viewers, but some younger viewers might enjoy it after a parental preview.

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