The Good Land

Loula Grace Erdman
Bethlehem Books
Texas Panhandle
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185 pages
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Years ago the telephone company ran an ad that sang, “Reach out, reach out and touch someone.” But what if you were too afraid to reach out? What if you were too ashamed of your new circumstances to ask for help? That is the situation for the Warren family, a family that moves to the Texas Panhandle in The Good Land.

Carolyn is the youngest member of the Pierce family. At fifteen, she feels on the verge of adulthood. In her mind, however, everyone seems to treat her as the “baby” of the family and she resents it. Can’t they see how mature she is? After all, she is going to Amarillo to a real high school in the fall.

Amarillo will be a whole new adventure for Carolyn. She wonders what living in the city will be like. She wonders if she will have any friends. She wonders if she will miss her family, even though she will be living with her sister.

In the meantime, however, Carolyn wants to reach out and help the new family that has moved into the area, especially Rowena a girl almost her age.

But after two local boys play a mean trick on them, the father wants nothing to do with the local farmers.

That is until a prairie fire threatens to destroy the Warren home, livestock, and land. Will everyone join together in time to save the Warren family?

Loula Grace Erdman expresses an intuitive understanding of a young teenage girl’s heart, all her secret desires and threatening fears.

The Good Land is both an engaging read and an uplifting story. The exciting plot carries the reader along, while at the same time developing the characters’ virtues. The purity and goodness of the characters shines through even as they struggle with their faults.

Although the book is part of a highly recommended series, The Good Land stands on its own.

In the end, Carolyn finds out that growing up can be both complicated and wonderful. With quite the dramatic ending, The Good Land is also a beautiful unfolding of a love story as love stories should be, focusing on relationships and character, especially kindness to others under all circumstances.

Your daughter won’t want to miss this uplifting story of courage and kindness.

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The Panhandle Series is set in the 1890's..

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