Common Ground

What Catholics and Protestants Can Learn from Each Other
Kensington Community Church
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This DVD presents an engaging dialogue (Question and Answer format) between a Catholic priest and a Protestant minister. Produced by a Protestant Church, it primarily consists of common Protestant Questions/Objections about the Catholic Faith that are answered by the priest.

The priest's responses are succinct, respectful and quite insightful. Not only are they theologically solid, but they present creative and helpful ways of explaining authentic doctrine to others. The atmosphere of the dialogue is strikingly honest and open - including personal stories and anecdotes that helpfully connect ideas to reality.

I found that it took me a long time to get through this DVD not because it was boring, but because (given that I don't have enough time to watch it in one sitting), I kept finding myself starting a little earlier in the DVD than where I had previously finished, so that I could hear the explanations one more time. This is great stuff - a beautiful illustration of ecumenical dialogue AND a rather succint explanation of Catholic doctrine - particularly for anyone wanting to learn more about their faith.

Topics include: Salvation, the Eucharist, the Blessed Mother, the Saints, Confession, Religious Images, prayer and the importance of charitable dialogue.

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