The Gammage Cup

Carol Kendall
Erik Blegvad
Harcourt Inc.
Number of pages: 
283 pages
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A Minnipin is not a pin for miniature bowling.

The Minnipins, or Small Ones, are a group of people who fled the horrible Hairless Ones to the Land Between the Mountains. Gammage, their hero, led them to this "snug and secure valley."

But that was long ago.

Now, that peculiar Walter the Earl digs up his garden in search of ancient scrolls and treasure. He is not the only one who is considered "different." There is Curley Green, who "blobs" pictures onto "stretched reed paper" and that lazy Gummy who spends his time composing nonsense rhymes and often disappears for hours. Then there is Muggles. She isn't exactly like "them," but she isn't like ordinary folk for she is known to wear "a vivid orange sash" on occasion.

Those who are different, however, are not looked favorably on by the village folk. When a mysterious light appears on Sunset Mountains that only they have seen, nobody believes them. What could the light mean? Have intruders entered their peaceful valley. Who will save the Minnipins? Who is brave enough?

The Gammage Cup is a story of courage, not just bravery, but the courage to be yourself, to speak the truth, and do what is right.

The Gammage Cup has a plot full of surprises to keep the reader wanting more, characters that are interesting, yet believable, language that expresses the joy and fun of words, and a theme that provokes the reader to question, "What is the right thing to do?"

A real page turner!

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