A Reading Program for Overcoming Dyslexia

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Cheryl Orlassino
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I recently came across a program entitled A Reading Program for Overcoming Dyslexia by Cheryl Orlassino. My eight year old falls under the generic term of dyslexia. We've been struggling the last two and half years with reading. We have not completed the book yet as I only ordered it a month ago. So far so good---he does not clam up and cry every time we start our reading/phonics lesson and is beginning to decode on his own without just memorizing the words. In fact, he's writing words from his lessons all over his art work. (My son is an avid little "illustrator".)

The book contains 55 well laid out lessons (you know, open the book and teach without prior preparation). I have found that the first two lessons can be done in one sitting but from lesson three on dividing the lessons into two sessions seems less overwhelming. The difference between this program and others we've tried unsuccessfully is the following:

  1. Consistent repetition
  2. Giving the reluctant reader more consonant/vowel blends to practice---not just the basic phonograms
  3. Taking the consonant/vowel blends and presenting them in different orders so the brain can learn and reinforce the visual input
  4. A nice balance between oral and written drills and dictation.
  5. Teaches and drills high frequency words

This is not a beginning reading program. The author notes that a student needs to know the alphabet, basic sounds, and how to write before beginning her "reading boot camp". Consistency and repetition are the key to this program. Hence, it is a big lesson in self-discipline for both student and parent. It is imperative to drill from the lessons and read to the child everyday--- as in seven days a week.

The book cost about $28--$30. It is spiral bound softcover and printed in black & white.

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Reviewed by: Christine Hamel

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Christine Hamel is a Catholic homeschooling mom of 4.

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