What Catholics Really Believe

Dr. Ray Guarendi
Rev. Kevin Fete
Nineveh's Crossing
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This is a DVD apologetics series produced in 13 half-hour segments. Dr. Ray Guarendi and Rev. Kevin Fete discuss major issues of Catholic belief which are often misunderstood by Protestants and others - with an emphasis on support for Catholic belief from Scripture and from the Early Church Fathers. It's a lively discussion (Dr. Ray often breaks into "devil's advocate" mode!) with substantial but very accessible content. Basic topics covered are the following: Jesus, the Bible, Scripture and Tradition, Eucharist (2 episodes), Baptism, Morality, Confession, Mary (2 episodes), St. Peter, Papacy and Purgatory.

This is a quality production with numerous quotes from the discussion shown on the screen (makes it a lot easier to follow!).

My older children have really enjoyed watching the series. We just watched and discussed two episodes with the teen catechism discussion group that I lead. They found it informative and engaging - definitely the sort of thing that makes you want to dig deeper and learn even more. It's quite a good starting point for studying and discussing different topics relating to apologetics for both teens and adults. It could also be used as a "spine" to tie together a substantial religion course that included readings from Scripture and the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

A detailed study guide is available for free online.

Click here to watch a segment of this series online.

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13 - 1/2 hour episodes on DVD

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