Emily's Everyday Manners

Peggy Post
Cindy Post Senning
Steve Bjorkman
Sewn Hardcover
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32 pages
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I just love it when people we have just met compliment the children and report on their good, polite behavior. We have received compliments at restaurants, family homes and church. (Of course, I am purposely disregarding here those other times... .) I believe most homeschool families find it a priority to teach the children good manners from their tenderest years. I too have enjoyed purchasing the preschool books on manners from catalogs, as well as finding picture books on this subject from the local library. Alas, they are usually a disappointment. In the name of humor the books try in vain to instill manners concept in to children but backfire through their depicting of kids doing all of the“yucky” stuff they are not supposed to do.

Well, not this time! Yesterday at our local library I perused as usual through the new books and found a gem: Emily’s Everyday Manners! Not only is depicts Emily and her friend doing all sorts of kind, manner-full actions, it is delightfully illustrated and best of all, it teaches what manners essentially are: love of neighbor. It is wonderful to read aloud to the children statements such as "what you say may make others feel good" or "[having manners is] being helpful, kind and friendly". A cute, adorable book, teaching the basic Christian message of love of neighbor and of of placing others first: outstanding!

In the publisher's website there is a page about the book with activities for kids and downloadable items such as manners "tips" cards, placemats to color and even "Emily's Thank you notes". Have fun!

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