For the Love of Literature

Teaching Core Subjects with Literature
Maureen Wittmann
Ecce Homo Press
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256 pages
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I'm so excited about my friend Maureen's new book from Ecce Homo Press. Maureen is a kindred spirit in the "living books" department and I know that this book will be a favorite on my shelf and have recommended it to friends who are interested in the way our family homeschools.

For the Love of Literature is a project Maureen has been working on for years and it's designed especially for Catholic homeschool parents. It's a well-organized guide to using real books - biographies, historical fiction, beautiful picture books, etc. to study any subject area of interest. The book lists are extensive and up-to-date (meaning that she only included books that are currently in print) which means, among other things, that this could be an extremely useful resource for using your library well. We've even found it to be a useful source of junior non-fiction titles to suggest for our library for purchase. Extensive book lists are included for the following subjects: Art and Music Appreciation, Math, History, Science and "Books about books".

In addition to the book lists are explanations of numerous possible ways to make a living-books curriculum work for your family. You'll find chapters on "Using Your Library", "Building a Home Library", "Reading Aloud", "Classical Education", "Charlotte Mason" and "How to Create a Literature Unit Study."

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