The Wonderful Day

Elizabeth Coatsworth
Bethlehem Books
Number of pages: 
139 pages
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A storm is brewing in the air. As the hot July day grows sticky with humidity and towering thunderclouds begin to form, the excitement begins to mount for Sally as she eagerly awaits the arrival of her friend Pierre in The Wonderful Day, the fifth and final book of the series.

What begins as a sunny, summer day soon changes as dark, menacing thunderclouds cover the sky. But the clouds are not the only thing that is threatening to spoil Sally’s day. Andrew is acting most peculiar. He doesn’t seem to share Sally’s excitement at seeing Pierre after so many years.

Uncle Joseph doesn’t seem to be himself either. He is pensive and brooding. Today, he is hoping to bid on a piece of government land for sale. But will his rash decision to build a sawmill before he owns the land cause him to lose Five Bushel Farm? A slick stranger has entered the town, announcing his grand plans to buy all the plots for sale.

That same stranger, the devious Mr. Standforth, has threatened to buy her beautiful white horse, Meknes, after he promises to destroy her Uncle’s fortune. That wicked Mr. Standforth, who delights in other’s misfortunes, has already brought ruin to several other families. Will he ruin Uncle Joseph too?

Unexpectedly, Sally may be the key to save the day, but will she arrive at the land auction too late?

If the reader has read the other books in the series, she will enjoy the bits and pieces and characters that return like old friends. Sally’s good humor and charm make her an especially appealing character to young people. She does not lose hope in the face of adversity.

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