Shakespeare for Kids

His Life and Times
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Colleen Aagesen
Margie Blumberg
Chicago Review Press
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149 pages
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Have you grown up thinking that Shakespeare is dry literature forced upon high schoolers by antiquated professors? Think again! Even young children can capture an interest in Shakespeare through attractive materials such as this multi-dimensional biography of the bard.

The heart and soul of the book is the story of Shakespeare's life - charmingly enhanced by Shakespearean phrases (followed by modern translations in parenthesis). Numerous photos, sketches and maps give us a peek at Elizabethan life and architecture and a few scenes from renditions of his plays.

The authors periodically draw in a wide variety of projects and activities related to the storyline. Some are connected with Elizabethan life in a general way, such as making a Pomander ball or creating a Habitat for Birds. Others are more directly related to acting, costuming and Shakespeare himself, such as: learning to juggle, staging a sword fight, designing a coat of arms and composing a sonnet.

This very creative resource could serve as the centerpiece of an Elizabethan history study, an introduction Shakespeare for Middle Schoolers or just a fun summer family project. It could serve a wide age range, but is most appropriate for 4th through 8th grade. The text and projects are quite accessible - most projects could be done independently by older children.

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This book was donated for review by Chicago Review Press.

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