A Family Journal

A Homeschooling Mother's Companion
Book cover: 'A Family Journal: A Homeschooling Mother's Companion'
Rita Munn
Catholic Heritage Curricula
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156 pages
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This book is a collection of thirty-six "journal entries" (one for each week of the school-year) - stories about the author's family life and homeschooling intertwined with scripture, recipes and her own reflections about life and God's love. (Neat, huh?) The stories are touching, funny, encouraging, sad, uplifting - just like life in this imperfect world (particularly with a family) really is. This makes the book so comforting to mothers who are always struggling with the realities of life and are so often presented with a perfect picture of an unattainable ideal that they are "supposed" to be working on. (No wonder so many of us feel inadequate.) Rita humbly shares her pictures of life in a way that gently encourages mothers to perservere in their vocation and grow closer to God and to their families. This book is a real gem that will be passed around to friends and laughed and cried over.

Rita Munn is a Catholic homeschool mother of ten. She is part of the Mom-to-Mom Connections team at Catholic Heritage Curricula.

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