A Catholic Homeschool Treasury

Book cover: 'A Catholic Homeschool Treasury'
Rachel Mackson
Maureen Wittmann
Ignatius Press
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I haven't been able to read this entire book yet because (although I've had the book less than two weeks) I've already lent it out to a friend. At first it didn't look like much, but after reading a number of the essays, I've come to see why this book can be considered a real treasure. This is a collection of essays written by real homeschooling moms who share some of their experiences and the stories of how homeschooling has worked for their families. I thought it was nice just to hear ordinary moms explain how they adjusted a program to fit their needs, worked with their husband on determining how to balance structure and flexibility and how they've grown to see homeschooling as a wonderful way to develop a healthy, happy and holy family life and to encourage their children to really love learning for all the right reasons. So many families struggle with how to tailor homeschooling to their family's needs and to find the right balance between flexibility and structure, good academics and the joy of learning, etc. These essays provide a very valuable sense of the scope of possibilities available to Catholic homeschool families.

Due to the changing nature of the Internet world, the authors have provided a companion website where you can find current information on website addresses and other helpful info from the resource guide segment of their book.

A sequel, A Catholic Homeschool Companion, has been published by Sophia Institute Press.

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