Copernicus, Galileo and the Catholic Sponsorship of Science

Book cover: 'Copernicus, Galileo and the Catholic Sponsorship of Science'
Jane Meyerhofer
Ye Hedge School
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This is by far the most useful (and easy to understand) resource on clearing up the confusion, myths and down-right lies associated with Galileo and the Catholic Church. Mrs. Meyerhofer sorts through the myths. She is fair to the Catholic Church, but also willing to put blame where blame is due. Her treatment of Galileo himself and Science in general displays a sense of fairness so often lacking in controversial issues and the correct Catholic attitude toward the unity of truth (faith and reason) and the very important fact that true faith and true science will not contradict each other; that they in fact work hand-in-hand.

The Galileo controversy is a big issue for Catholics and non-Catholics alike. Any number of resources commonly used by Catholic homeschoolers (such as Protestant high school science texts, certain biographies, novels, and many more) will portray this issue incorrectly. Homeschool parents teaching their children about faith and reason and homeschool students preparing to go out into the "real world" cannot afford to be clueless about this issue. I highly recommend this resource.

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